You know how when you met certain people for the first time you get this feeling you’ve known them for years? Bethany is one of those people.

Two months ago I met with her about creating a short film for her floral design business and immediately felt like she was an old friend. 

A Bay Area transplant from the Midwest, she grew up with a love of flowers and nature. Her love of nature would, years later, turn into her floral design business Bonjour Bloom. She is passionate about flowers and loves working with her clients, whom she views as friends.

Creating the Short Film

After meeting with her, I sat down and wrote out exactly how I’d create a short film for her business. I made sure to include all the things that make Bethany, well, “Bethany” – Her childhood garden memories, her design inspirations, her husband who helps build the large floral arches she creates, her newly adopted bubbly daughter, and of course her rescue pup, Butters.

In order to include her love of nature (her inspiration), we decided to split the shoot into two parts. The first part we shot was of her creating the beautiful arrangement you see in the film. The second was a few weeks later in a rose garden with her husband and daughter.

I absolutely love what we created together and can’t wait to see how this new short film helps her connect with new clients.

You can see more of her beautiful arrangements on her Instagram account here. Bethany is a San Jose based florist…so if have an event coming up in the South Bay, be sure to check out her gorgeous designs.

And, if you are interested in having a short film created for your business, please feel free to contact me here.