I love beauty. Someone once told me that beauty feeds me. And…she was right. Looking at beautiful things – a gorgeous image, wandering around a beautifully designed shopping center (Santana Row anyone?), or looking at something that is amazingly handcrafted, has always given me a boost.

Right now some of you are thinking, this is a woman with expensive taste. Yes and no. Beauty comes in all forms, expensive and free.

I treasure free the most. Nothing compares to an amazing view or meeting a person that is beautiful inside and out.

I see beauty everywhere. A good example: I am sitting in Peet’s Coffee watching two women chatting. They are not speaking english (and my high school Italian isn’t helping either), so I have no idea what they are talking about. By watching their body language, facial expressions, and gestures I can tell they are good friends. Watching them makes me smile. Friendship is beautiful. Watching their faces light up with joy makes me want to photograph them. Do they look like models? No. Both appear to be in their late 40’s and have bodies just like the rest of us non-model types. I would love to photograph the beauty I am seeing.

As women, we are constantly told by the media that we are not enough.

I have news for you…You are enough. You are beautiful. Yes, we all have room for improvement (my list is about a mile long). But, you wouldn’t have gotten this far in life if you weren’t who you are right NOW.

So celebrate who you are now. Remember to slow down and find beauty in everyday life. And, when you are ready, get in touch with me. I can’t wait to photograph you!