As a kid, I was pretty shy. I had a hard time speaking up. But when I was fifteen, things changed. My Dad let me use his Canon camera. All of the sudden, I found my voice. With a camera I was able to share how I saw the world without even saying a word.

And then I discovered people photography. I fell head over heels in love with photographing people.

There is a special kind of magic that happens when you photograph a person. With photography, you can create elaborate stories or strip it down to just the basics. No matter the style of image, the “magic” doesn’t happen for me until the subject’s personality shines through. And when that happens, everything falls into place.

When you photograph people, it is not just the person’s appearance you are photographing. It is their strength, passion, inner beauty, and if it is a couple, their love. How could I not love photographing people?

Sixteen Random Things About Me:


Red is my favorite color.

I love, love to read. Mysteries are my current favorites.

His Girl Friday is one of my all time favorite movies. Why doesn’t anyone write dialogue like that anymore?

It is my dream to spend a month (or two) in Europe photographing people and soaking up different cultures.

I value honesty.

I fell in love with photography at 15 years old when I found a book of CS Bull’s “Old Hollywood” portraits.

I started my business when I was 18 years old. What an adventure it’s been!

Road trip? When do you want to leave?

The more glamorous, the better.

Two of my favorite photographers are Lillian Bassman and Elliot Erwitt.

My favorite way to relax is sitting by the ocean and listening to the waves crash.

I have a thing for really good chocolate. I like to think I have it under control but I am a bit biased. 

Even on the worst of days, I find something to be grateful for.

I love being around enthusiastic and creative people.

I’ve been published in C, Forbes, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, the Knot, and many other places.

Beauty in all it’s different forms feeds me and my creativity. What is beautiful to me? Kindness. The love between two people. Family and friends crowded around a table for a meal. Laughter. Exquisite craftsmanship. Flowers. Music. Beautiful design. And so many other things…