I am a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area who has been photographing people for over two decades. 

People ask me what my style is and the simplest answer is, “I photograph beauty and strength”.

I have enjoyed a range of commissions, from intimate one-on-one portrait shoots to chronicling million dollar events to fashion shoots with large crews working under my direction. Simply put, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t; even the ability to work with the most timid person in front of the camera.

No matter the size of your project, I will give you my all and more to create the images you need.


Download my Portrait Photography Brochure (PDF) here: Portraits by Melissa Ann Bagley

Download my Album Brochure (PDF) here: Albums by Melissa Ann Bagley

Download my Business Portraits & Headshots Brochure (PDF) here: Business Portraits by Melissa Ann Bagley

Download my Business Photography Brochure (PDF) here: Photography for Business by Melissa Ann Bagley

  • C Magazine
  • Grace Ormonde Wedding Style
  • the Knot
  • Forbes
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