If you’re anything like me, you love finding beautiful ways to display photographs. Which is why I knew I had to offer these beautiful glass boxes to my clients.

So, I’ve decided that during the month of June I’ll be offering a special package that includes them. What is included?

  • A pre-photoshoot consultation by phone to go over all the details
  • One mini portrait shoot (a 45 minute photoshoot at a location within 20 minutes of me)
  • Private online proofing
  • One glass box (available in black, gold, or rose gold)
  • Five lightly retouched and mounted 4″ x 6″ prints of your choice
  • A web quality digital file of each image you choose for your box

Special pricing for this package is only $598

A few questions you may have:

Q: Can I get the box and prints with your standard portrait shoot?

A: Yes. The total for this package upgraded to include a standard portrait shoot is $848

Q: What if I love more than five images? Can I put more in the box?

A: Of course! The box can hold another five mounted prints. Additional prints for the box are $46 each. And, you can always order larger prints for your home also.

Q: Does this include digital files?

A: I include web quality files of each image you select for your box. Print quality files are not included.

Q: When does my shoot need to be scheduled to take advantage of this special offer?

A: Your shoot must be scheduled during the month of June to qualify for this special offer.

Q: Will you be offering these boxes after June?

A: Yes, but not at this price. After June, I’ll offer the boxes with ten mounted prints and they will be $540.

Q: I have more questions. Can I contact you?

A: Of course! Contact me here or give me a call at 408.728.7313

Booking your Photoshoot Special Offer

How do I book my photoshoot? Contact me here or give me a call at 408.728.7313

It’s not often that I find a unique, new way to deliver prints. I can’t wait to get these beautiful boxes into your hands!