Door County is an amazing place for portraits. There are so many beautiful locations to use – Rocky coastlines, sand dunes, forests, ponds, beaches, Lake Michigan, and so much more!

For my second portrait shoot in Door County with Makaiya, I chose to go with the sand/forest combination again. It was too beautiful to use only once.

I had such an amazing time photographing this young woman. Her poise in front of the camera was remarkable. While photographing her, I caught myself wishing I had a fraction of the confidence she has in front of a camera!

When I was editing the images, her classic features became even more obvious to me. And by “classic”  I mean she has the kind of face that looks modern or like it could be in an early 1900’s photo all at the same time. Retouching some of these images was a bit of an internal struggle for me. Her eyes are a gorgeous green but with her classic features, black & white looks so good!

Thank you Makaiya for being such an wonderful model. I hope our paths cross again in the future! And a big thank you to Myranda, her mom, who helped make this photoshoot possible 🙂

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