Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Add in being able to shoot and it’s even better!

I had planned my May trip to Door County, Wisconsin to coincide with their cherry blossom season. I also wanted to make sure I was completely clear of their snowy season. Yes, I’m a wimp when it comes to really cold weather. What can I say, I’m a native Californian 😉

Per usual, nature laughed at me. About two weeks before my arrival, they had a record setting (as in the worst in 130 years) snow storm. Every time my friend in Door County sent me an updated snow photo, I cringed. In the space of about three days, she went from having a clear back deck to having a snow mound (named Bob) taller than me.

I spent the next two weeks hoping they’d have a heat wave and trying to find a new location for the cherry blossom portrait shoot I had planned. With all that snow, cherry blossoms were definitely off the menu.

Thankfully, the snow did melt (mostly) by the time I got there and my friend knew of a great location I could use.  Located in Sturgeon Bay, it had both sand dunes and forests.

Prior to the photoshoot I had talked with my model Jessamy and found out that she had years of dance training. So, I decided to photograph her dancing on a sand dune.

Jessamy was wonderful, repeatedly making jumps in the sand (not an easy thing to do) and working magic with her long flowing skirt.

During the shoot I learned that she is one smart cookie! In addition to her dance training, she’s been singing opera for years. And shortly, she will qualify as an Operating Room Nurse.

She also knew a perfect place for me to feed my almond milk latte addiction – Glas. Thank you for everything Jessamy!

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