In our age of digital everything, I find that printing your images is more important than ever.

There is nothing like seeing your images in print…and when they are finished by a mat, frame, or album…it’s just plain magical! Really.

Holding your finished images in your hands is the best thing. Ever.

I am now offering handmade linen boxes filled with beautiful retouched matted prints. And to give my clients even more options, I’m now also offering handmade linen books!

These beautiful books are hand-bound in the traditional style of bookbinding and come in eight colors. Your book can be customized with an image cameo on the front cover or a book jacket/band.

When you look over my portrait brochure, you will find that my standard size book is 8×12. In addition to 8×12, I also offer sizes 6×9 to 12×12. Many of my clients love to collect large books (such as 12×12 or 8×12) for themselves and add on smaller duplicate gift sizes (8×8 or 6×9) for family and friends.

These heirloom books will become one of your most prized possessions, preserving memories for you and future generations. Designed exclusively for you, they tell your story like nothing else can!

Would you like more information about my custom books? Please click here to see my album brochure (Downloadable PDF): Albums by Melissa Ann Bagley

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Would you like more information about what is included in my portrait shoots? Please click here to see my portrait brochure (Downloadable PDF): Portraits by Melissa Ann Bagley