Both Rachel and Andreja are personal friends of mine, so you’ve probably seen photos of them before in my Instagram feed or on my Facebook page. I’ve been photographing Andreja for about ten years now (time really flies!) and Rachel, for about two years.

A few months ago I realized it had been a full year since I’d photographed Andreja and decided that I needed to fix that problem. I love photographing Andreja because is always up to try new things (I’m pretty sure if I asked her to jump off a big rock she’d be halfway up the rock before I finished my question) and well, the camera loves her! Andreja is the woman in black with the tree blossoms above.

And Rachel… Rachel lives across the country so I only have about one opportunity a year to photograph her and she seems to always come when it’s pouring rain (I swear our drought would have ended sooner if we flew her out here a few months earlier). We ended up having to make the best of a very cold, wet, and windy San Francisco day because it was our only day for the shoot! But, I think we managed to hide the rotten weather pretty well in the photos!