For a very, very long time I’ve wanted to try making mini-films.

I finally got my chance when Sarah, one of my professional bellydancer portrait clients agreed to be my subject (aka guinea pig).

We had so much fun!!!! I learned so much (mostly what not to do the next time) and absolutely loved the new creative challenge video gave me.

And in case you are wondering….yes, I will be offering these mini-films to all of my clients soon. A few options I’ll be offering:

Dancers – Imagine having something like this on your website and no longer having to depend on a friend or family member to catch a good video of you performing (goodbye camera shake, bad sound, and people walking through your video!).

Business owners – Video is HUGE right now. It grabs the attention of viewers quickly on social media/websites. And, it is also an excellent way to introduce your business to people.

As an add-on to a portrait shoot – Stills plus a mini-video of your loved one. Does it get any better??

I’ll post more details soon…so, be sure to check back (or even easier…sign up for my blog post updates or follow me on social media).

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Music: Sara Sara used with the kind permission of musician Emad Sayaad.