Super Simple Portrait Lighting

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I have seen so many people get hung up on having the right camera gear and studio before they start shooting. Their sentences usually start with, “If I only had (insert insanely expensive piece of gear or a big studio space here) then I’d be able to get the photos I want”. Thinking this way is a trap. Start with what you do have and figure out how to make your current gear/space work for you. It doesn’t take much. I promise.

Here is a prime example… Above you will see (the full length image in the grid above, click to enlarge) my set up for two different portfolio shoots (not clients). I’m shooting in a dining room. Yes, you read that right. A dining room. My shooting space is probably about a 6′ square area.

My main concern? Light. The two french doors to the left provided gorgeous light and kept the 100 degree weather away from us. The large reflector bounced back light from the doors and evened the light out.

The rest of the set up is very simple…a portable backdrop stand and some fabrics I found for 50% off ($17 for the two pieces you see here). All of the images above were shot in the same space with the same lighting set up. As you can see, this simple set up can give you so many different looks.

My point of this post? Get out there and have fun with your camera! It doesn’t matter if it’s not a top of line camera or if you don’t have a palace to shoot in….just get out there and shoot!


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