Seeing is Believing

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Every time a new “Photoshop” scandal hits the news I cringe. The images we see in ads and on the covers of magazines have moved so far from reality. I’ve read so many articles about how the media promotes a “look” that for the great majority of us is completely unattainable.

As a photographer I feel like I am caught in a weird place. On one hand, I can go along with the media and retouch images until they fit “media” standards….after all, isn’t this what everyone wants to look like? Or, do I refuse to follow the crowd?

Please don’t think I am anti-Photoshop. I love Photoshop. It is an AMAZING tool.

And, I love showing people how beautiful they are. One client told me, “I love the way you see me” and I have never forgotten it. We can be so hard on ourselves and only see our faults. Sometimes, it takes an outside source to remind us how amazing we are.

I started this post thinking I was going to write about the difference between a proof and a finished image…I guess I got a bit of course. Getting back on course now…

Above you will see two versions of one image. This is what I love about Photoshop – transforming a pretty photograph into something with impact. As a visual person I can look at the “before” image and see the final result. Over the years, I have discovered most people can’t visualize the end result, so I show before and after images.

What do you think about today’s use of Photoshop? Is it out of control? Or, are you fine with the way things are? I’d like to hear your opinion.


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