More Portraits of Dancers

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I have so many amazing portraits of dancers from recent shoots! It would be a shame if they weren’t seen. So, I decided a second post of dancer portraits was in order…

First up, Lara who I photographed at Pomponio State Beach. The beautiful tent was created and styled by Lara and fellow dancer Jillian (her photos are up next). We were expecting lots of sun and heat but instead got freezing cold weather and fog! But, we made the best of it and were able to create beautiful images.

Next up, Jillian the co-creator of this amazing tent set up.

I also photographed Courtney at Villa Montalvo a few months back. I loved working with Courtney! If you live in the L.A. area and want to learn bellydance, do yourself a favor and look her up!

I also photographed Eve, a modern dancer, in her home studio. She was a joy to work with and was able to interpret by vague dance pose suggestions with ease (thank you Eve!).

And finally, Sarah. I photographed her several months ago at the Rosicrucian Museum but I have so many amazing photos of her, I have to share them!

PS – I’m having problems updating the gallery of this website (as in, I can’t). I have a new website in the works but am waiting on a server transfer before I can launch the new site. Please hanging in there with me for a little while longer. I know this site is limping along right now but I promise something new is actually on it’s way 🙂


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