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One of the fun things about Google+ is Chrysta Rae’s photo scavenger hunt. Four times a year she invites 500 people to compete in the hunt. Everyone is given a list of ten words. The next part is the fun part…. you get to create a photo for each of the words.

I, um, procrastinated and only got two images done but… both of the images received first place awards in their categories!

This first image (see above) was created for the word “Fuchsia”. I decided to go with the color definition instead of the flower. We used lots of fuchsia glitter and made a huge mess. I’m pretty sure I will still be finding glitter a year from now.

And as you can see we laughed quite a bit…

The second image was created for the “Rule of Thirds” category. Due to my lack of time (caused by the afore mentioned procrastination), I decided to go very simple with a black background to set off her fair skin and blonde hair.


Chrysta just announced the sign ups for the next round of the hunt. I think I just might enter again and this time, not procrastinate 😉


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