MTV vs Reality

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Anyone that knows me well, knows that I have strong opinions when it comes to what today’s media does to a woman’s body image.

On Sunday I was doing a bit of channel surfing and landed on MTV Hits. Four music videos in,  I realized that if MTV ruled the world, only very slender women with impossibly large boobs would matter. And if you did meet this criteria what exactly would your purpose in life be? To hang off the arm of a man that is busy checking out another woman.

Don’t get me wrong…I am not a prude and I love music videos. Music videos take two of my favorite things (music & film) and turn them into something pretty amazing.

Music videos are unfortunately, just the tip of the iceberg. Another media that I love, fashion magazines, are just as guilty of messing with a woman’s body image.

There is a disturbing trend that I am seeing all over the place…backlash against very thin women. I cringe every time I see comments like these under a woman’s photo – “Give her a sandwich” or “Feed her!”.

And on the flip side, “Real women have curves”. What?? So, if you were born with genes that make you naturally very slim, you aren’t a “real” woman?

While I’m at it – What’s with judging a woman who is overweight? Declaring that person just needs to stop eating junk food is just plain wrong. There is a good chance that woman eats much healthier than you think.

A perfect example: I know someone that weighs 105 pounds. She is extremely proud of this fact and makes sure others around her know it. She is also very, very critical of other people’s bodies. To make matters worse, I also happen to know what her daily diet consists of…Oreos, mini Snicker’s bars, more cookies, pastries, vanilla Haagen Dazs,  high fat/high sodium pre-packaged foods, and the occasional stalk of broccoli.

Her 105 pound weight means absolutely nothing to me because of the damage she is doing to her own body. A person’s weight does not determine how healthy a person is or if they are eating in a healthy manner.

My point?? ALL women are REAL. ALL women are BEAUTIFUL. I don’t care if you are petite, tall, curvy, thin, or in between all these body shapes…you are beautiful.

I know I am just one person with a little voice. I know this post won’t do anything to change the way people view women. But, perhaps one woman out there will stop feeling she isn’t good enough because her appearance isn’t the same as the cover of Vogue. I hope she realizes how beautiful she really is, this very moment, NOW.


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