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When I first met Mical I was struck by her easy going personality and that hair! I knew I had to photograph her!

I finally got my chance a few weeks ago. She made an amazing model…she’s one of those people that has absolutely no problem staring down a camera. When you look at the images of her, she has an amazing connection with the viewer. It’s almost like the viewer can look at an image of her and instantly know a little bit about her personality.

Now that I know what a great model she is, I am planning another shoot with her. The next shoot will be completely different…I just have to find the right dress for her to wear (long, flowing, and creamy colored) and some amazing sand dunes. If anyone has location or wardrobe ideas, please let me know!

BTW – There are two different versions of the same image above because I can’t choose which one I like better!


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