February 2016

Yes, I know. It’s been a really long time since I updated my blog. So, to make up for that…I’ve put together an extra juicy blog post of all the things I’ve been up too!

I’ve been all over the Bay Area in the last few months, starting with a day trip to the beautiful Big Basin State Park. I love the quiet of being in the woods and staring up at the enormous Redwoods.

Big Basin State Park by Melissa Ann Bagley

I’ve been working with a jewelry company (The Gold Torch) to help launch their Etsy shop and soon their very own online store. So that means I’ve been photographing many, many pieces of jewelry. I absolutely love photographing jewelry on models because, well, I love photographing people! Doing the product photography has been quite the learning experience for me. Let’s just say, reflective surfaces are not my friend!

Photographs of the Stackable Ring Collection –

14k White Gold Beaded Band Photographed by Melissa Ann Bagley

14k White Gold Stackagle Ring with a Swiss Blue Topaz Photographed by Melissa Ann Bagley

A “lifestyle” image showing multiple rings –

Lifestyle:Jewelry Photography by Melissa Ann Bagley

My good friend and fellow photographer, Rachel Slepekis visited recently. One of the days we went to both the DeYoung and Legion of Honor Museums. I found a new favorite painting that day. It is an enormous (probably around 30′ wide) painting called The Russian Bride (1899) by Konstantin Makovsky. The detail in the painting is absolutely amazing. I sat there and kept finding new things in the painting. Please forgive my not so great iPhone photo of the painting –

Painting at Legion of Honor

We also did some exploring of the coast, driving south on Highway One. It was such a gorgeous day to go exploring! Here are a few iPhone photos from the day…first up, McWay Falls in Big Sur.

McWay Falls Big Sur California (iPhone) by Melissa Ann Bagley

Carmel at sunset –

Carmel California Beach at Sunset (iPhone) by Melissa Ann Bagley

We also explored San Francisco. One of the days we went to the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. I could sit & look at this beautiful area for hours (iPhone photo). So pretty…

San Francisco Botanical Gardens (iPhone) by Melissa Ann Bagley

And, I photographed more rings for The Gold Torch…this first image is of a gorgeous Tsavorite Garnet ring.

18k Yellow Gold Ring with Diamonds and Tsavorite Garnet Photographed by Melissa Ann Bagley

And a beautiful Amethyst piece…

18k Yellow Gold Handmade Ring with Diamonds and Amethyst Center Photographed by Melissa Ann Bagley

And, the jewelry shoots lead to some beautiful portraits too…

Natural Light Studio Portrait of Young Woman by Melissa Ann Bagley

My friend Rachel, graciously painted a beautiful backdrop for me when she visited. I had fun trying it out this week. I can’t wait to use it on more photo shoots! Here are a few of my favorites (also see the image at the top of this post) –

Portrait of a Young Woman in Front of a Painting by Melissa Ann Bagley

Woman's Portrait in Front of Painting by Melissa Ann Bagley

It’s been an eventful few months! I’m looking forward to several shoots that are coming up soon and will be sharing them here next month. And, yes, I will actually post next month. I promise!


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