Family Portraits in the Santa Cruz Mountains

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I love when I get to work with clients multiple times over the years! I’ve had the privilege of photographing these kids since they were itty bitty and it’s always fun to catch up on all the latest news when I see them.

Lili (see photo above) is now a talented high school student with an amazing voice. Her version of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” blew me away. What a voice!

Jacob, her younger brother now towers over me (which admittedly isn’t hard to do) and has a bit of a video game obsession.

But as you can see, the teen years hasn’t changed the love they have for each other 🙂

We also shot some couples portraits for their mom Malisha and her boyfriend Kevin.

As you can see, they definitely know how to make each other laugh!

And…I also photographed Malisha in her cap and gown because tomorrow she is getting her MBA from Santa Clara University! Congratulations!!!

And, many thanks to Thomas (Jacob’s friend) who volunteered to be my “lighting dude” for the shoot. You can help me with reflectors on a shoot any day!



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