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It’s Friday. And, it’s gorgeous outside! Definitely, not a time for anything too serious. So…here is a list of some of my favorite online spots to waste time research beautiful things for photography shoots and everyday life. Enjoy!

  1.  This is Glamorous – This is my “go to” blog for pretty stuff. Two minutes on this site does wonders for me.
  2. *a glamorous little side project – An offshoot of This is Glamorous.
  3. What Katie Ate – Food porn at it’s best. Amazing food photography and recipes from an Australian foodie/photographer. Gorgeous and yummy!
  4.  Tartelette – Pastry chef turned food stylist/photographer/educator. Wonderful photography plus amazing recipes. Bonus – Most of her recipes are gluten free.
  5.  Jane Taylor Millinery – I am of the opinion that we in the United States need more reasons to wear hats. Not just boring, everyday hats. No! We need occasions to wear the amazing creations by London designer Jane Taylor.
  6.  Lo Boheme – I stumbled across Lo’s work a few years back when I photographed a bride who wore one of her gorgeous creations. While I am definitely lacking in the hat department, I am not in Lo’s hair accessories (actually, I just spotted a few more I need want). I love checking her site to see what new amazing piece she has created.
  7. Matchbook Magazine – This is a fun, quirky online magazine that makes me smile. And, it doesn’t hurt that the ladies who run it have a great sense of style!

Have a wonderful weekend and try to not spend it all looking at the gorgeous sites listed above!

P.S. Don’t forget about the Daylight Savings time change.


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