Emotion in Photography

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For a photograph to be relevant (in my opinion), it must capture emotion or cause an emotional reaction in the viewer. I think the best images do both.

I tend to grade images on how they make me feel. If the image makes me feel nothing, I quickly move onto the next one.

It’s pretty rare when a landscape image will grab my attention. I must confess that when I look at landscape images, I automatically think it would be so much stronger with a person in it. But on occasion a landscape image with stop me dead in my tracks (like Hengki Koentjoro’s work).

I’m more likely to be drawn to an image that incorporates the human element. I was looking around Google+ yesterday and stumbled across an amazing Tokyo street photographer named Hiroyuki Ogura. His images of people on the streets of Tokyo immediately grabbed me.

When I am editing images, I always ask myself “Did the subject connect with me and/or did I capture the emotion of the moment?”. Emotion makes or breaks an image.

Above you will find three images from one wedding that I love. Each image shows different emotions.

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