A Day in the Life: AHK

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About 5 months ago I was asked to photograph a family run sheet metal factory. The owner & founder was retiring and he wanted photos of his (beloved) employees and the shop he had built from nothing. It was an incredible experience. This company felt like one giant family and many tears were shed the day I was there.

Near the end of the day (after finishing my shot list) I decided to shoot a little video with the idea of gifting it to the owner. In the end I put together a 3 1/2 minute video that mixed the still photography with video. Many of the images in this video are proofs (no retouching). And, this may be a little long for anyone that isn’t emotionally attached to this company but…I wanted to share the other side of what I do. It’s not all bellydancers and portraits of women!

Many, many thanks to the Kumar family for inviting me into your world for a day and making me feel like family too!


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