The V Motion Project

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People are so creative! I love it when someone does something or creates something that flat out amazes me. The video below has been floating around the internet for about two weeks now. Every time I watch it, I amazed at how computer programers, designers, musicians, and dancers came together to create this project. The ...

A Whole New World

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For the longest time I have been complaining about how much Facebook annoys me. I was told I must have a social media presence for business reasons and that Facebook was my only option. Unfortunately, Facebook has a way of making me feel "small". People seem to constantly post photos of themselves having fun while ...

More Eye Candy!

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I find inspiration all over the place...even in commercials. It's pretty rare when I don't fast forward through a commercial. So, when I stop it's got to be pretty spectacular. For your viewing pleasure, a gorgeous commercial - some glamour Dior style!