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Simply put, I love photographing brides. Even though I do only the occasional wedding now, I refuse to give up photographing brides. Yes, I know I just confused you. How do you photograph brides but not weddings? Bridal Portraits!

Still confused? What’s the difference? Bridal Portraits aren’t done on the wedding day.

After 16+ years of photographing weddings, I have learned there are few universal truths about weddings. #1 – No matter how well you plan, the unexpected always happens. #2 – When the unexpected happens, your time for photographs is cut down. #3 – Stress makes it hard for you to relax in front of the camera.

And, the truly unfortunate part of this is – The bride has spent so much time making sure she looks gorgeous for her wedding. She searched for her gown, the perfect accessories, jewelry, shoes, and spent hours finding the perfect hair & make-up artist to complete her look. It always broke my heart when I had scheduled thirty minutes with a bride and her bridesmaids and then only got five minutes to photograph them. I couldn’t help imagining what I could have done with the full amount of time.

I am fortunate in that I have a huge amount of family history in the form of photographs. I treasure the bridal portraits of my great-grandparents and grandparents. Your marriage is a milestone in your life and it should be recorded beautifully.

So…take the lack of time on the wedding day, add in how amazing you look on your wedding day and the importance of this event. What do you get? A new (old) tradition. A “Bridal Portrait” shoot.

What is involved?

1) We pick a day, either before or after your wedding.

2) We coordinate with your wedding-day hair and make-up artist to get you looking your bridal best. Doing a hair & make-up trial run before the wedding? Perfect. We can schedule your shoot immediately following your appointment. Need a make-up and hair person? I can put you in touch with some AMAZING people. Or, I can take care of this for you.

3) We pick a location. If we are shooting prior to the wedding, I recommend an indoor location (dirt + white dress = bad). After the wedding, anything is possible. If you want to stand in the middle of a field, no problem! We don’t have to worry about the dress getting dirty.

4) You ask your fiance or husband if he would like to be part of the shoot. Beg if necessary. Couples portraits are also another often neglected part of wedding day photographs. And, since you will be looking so amazing with your hair and make-up done…going out afterwards with him is a necessity!

5) Relax! My assistant and I will take care of everything else.

Interested in a Bridal Portrait shoot? Please contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!


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