More Eye Candy!

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I find inspiration all over the place...even in commercials. It's pretty rare when I don't fast forward through a commercial. So, when I stop it's got to be pretty spectacular. For your viewing pleasure, a gorgeous commercial - some glamour Dior style!

A New Tradition

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Simply put, I love photographing brides. Even though I do only the occasional wedding now, I refuse to give up photographing brides. Yes, I know I just confused you. How do you photograph brides but not weddings? Bridal Portraits! Still confused? What's the difference? Bridal Portraits aren't done on the wedding day. After 16+ years of photographing ...

Bridal Fashion Magazine

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I love magazines...with the exception of 99% of wedding magazines. For over fifteen years I photographed weddings. During this time, I would pick up wedding magazines to see what was new and quickly learned...nothing was new. All the wedding magazines look alike. And, if I see one more 15 year old girl modeling a wedding ...

Eye Candy!

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It's Friday. And, it's gorgeous outside! Definitely, not a time for anything too serious. is a list of some of my favorite online spots to waste time research beautiful things for photography shoots and everyday life. Enjoy!  This is Glamorous - This is my "go to" blog for pretty stuff. Two minutes on this site does ...

Beauty in all Forms

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I love beauty. Someone once told me that beauty feeds me. And...she was right. Looking at beautiful things - a gorgeous image, wandering around a beautifully designed shopping center (Santana Row anyone?), or looking at something that is amazingly handcrafted, has always given me a boost. Right now some of you are thinking, this is ...